Water Sanitation Hygiene (WASH)
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The access to an adequate, safe and reliable source of water continues 

to be a challenge for the people of Belet Xaawo. This in turn leads to poor

sanitation and hygiene practices. However, notwithstanding the conditions
found in the area, the locals found in the villages of the area have been
able to store huge quantities of rainfall in water catchment and large
underground tanks (berkad). But many of the berkad continue to develop
cracks and the water catchments silted up reducing their capacity to store


In carrying out the project was targeted at building the resilience of
these communities as well as improving the status of existing wash
facilities, establish new facilities and build the capacities of the
community for the sustained use of the community owned WASH

facilities.The action targeted 9 villages and 2 IDP settlements

within the district of Belet Xaawo.


Further to this the project built on the existing capacities of the right
holders to manage and sustain community owned wash facilities through
providing tailor made trainings on financial and technical operational
management during the project period, in addition ASEP will also embarked

on hygiene promotion strategies by training volunteer hygiene promoters to
catalyze behavioral change in community towards changes in the hygiene

and sanitation practices.

The project was successfully able to rehabilitate

  •  1berkads construct.
  •  1 new berkads.
  •  Rehabilitate 3 shallow wells.
  •  As well as distribute 400 sanitary kits.
  •  All of this done in improving the PPP water system in the town.