Peace and Governance
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The right to freedom of speech and association is core to the promotion of peace and governance. Over the 22 years that ASEP has been in operation, we have strived to ensure our projects offer an avenue for the people of Gedo to know their civic worth. Recently, ASEP and a number of local NGOS in Gedo Region have engaged in a project that seeks to “Promote Civic Dialogue in Doolow, Luuq and Belet-Xaawo. With the promotion of mini dialogues and grassroots opinions in the formation of administration structures in the region, the beneficiaries of the project will not only benefit from the platform being presented to air their opinions, it will also go a long way in bridging the gap between civilians and administration.

Further, ASEP provided support to Maandeeq Media Center that currently hosts Radio Maandeeq in Doolow District. Radio Maandeeq, is a community driven radio station that seeks to spread and inform the surrounding communities that peace is necessary for development and the great good of Somalia. The core of community radio is to have a platform where local voices can be heard and oral culture can be preserved through the transmission of song and other verbal messages.