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The Telethon Campaign Project is currently running in Belet Xaawa District, Gedo Somalia. Through its operation the project aims at broadening the gains made in the 2016 Telethon Campaign project through pursuing the thematic areas of wash while putting to use the lessons learnt in the completed project .

ASEP via this project will continue on improving the status of existing wash facilities, establish new facilities and build the capacities of the community for the sustained use of the community owned WASH facilities .The action targets 4 villages and 2 IDP settlements within the district of Belet Xaawa, Gedo region Somalia. The project during this phase anticipates reaching out to 7, 020 persons (approximately 1,170 HHs).
In addition to this, ASEP will build on the existing capacities of the right holders to manage and sustain community owned wash facilities through providing tailor made trainings on financial and technical operational management during the project period, in addition ASEP will also embark on hygiene promotion strategies by training volunteer hygiene promoters to catalyse behavioural change in community towards changes in the hygiene and sanitation practices.