Beneficiary stories
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Shamso Harame, 33

As a mother of 12 children and three adopted children Shamso has seen the tragedies of the conflict in South Central Somalia. Having fled her home region of Badere due to the AMISOM offensive that led to its liberation in late July 2015, she re-located her family to Belet Xaawo where she has been living for four months during which she become a beneficiary of our Improving Access to WASH Services to Existing and Newly Arrived IDPs and nearby Host Community in Belet-Xaawa District project. Though shy to have her face photo taken (lady in yellow carrying her lastborn daughter), she was full of humility at the improved access to clean water that she is receiving. She informed that she was able to access a 20 litre jerrican for free a day that she uses for cooking her family meals. She prays for peace in her country and hopes that with more projects such as this water share be free and plentiful.


Water and A Small Confectionary Kiosk.

Hawa Ibrahim, is a 50 year old mother of 10 children who saw an opportunity to improve her families livelihood and took control of the situation. Having relocated to Belet Xaawo late last year she relocated to Xafada Xananla where she was able to see improvements in the area though the expansion of the water system. This she saw through the construction of water kiosk 6. Having sold her small wares under some shrubs, Hawa noted the empty kiosk room that provided shade both from the sun and rain. She therefore sough to carry her small shop within the kiosk where she also oversees the kiosk is running normally. With the window opening up to the water beneficiaries, Hawa was able to improve her small business where she now sells powdered milk, salt, washing powder and small tit bits. She is grateful for the water she now has access to as well as the fact that she can engage in an income generating activity to support her family. She is thankful for the project initiative and she hopes that more kiosks can be built that other women can come together and put up small shops in the kiosks


Athar  Isack Abdullahi   35 Yrs.

Athar Isack  Abdullahi who is 35 years old,   is  a mother of six children. She and her family continue to benefit from the clean and safe access to water that is provided by our project. She fled her home and moved to  section 6 of Belet Xaawo district of Gedo region due recent attacks that were faced. Currently,she feels comfortable and at home than before.  Feeling happy was all she said after getting water at affordable price and just near her than going for long distance to quench her thirst. Before the construction of communal water kiosk she used to get water from reservoir (barkets) which is private property and very expensive as most of people can’t afford to purchase the water. With the kiosk construction which was implemented by ASEP and funded by Archenova there has been the  reduction of  water borne diseases such as Bilharzia that normally occurs due to exposure to the contaminated water from reservoir. She is very appreciative to ASEP, ARCHENOVA without forgetting the public private partnership (PPP) system for giving wonderful assistance to people since water is life.  Shukran.


Halima standing at Qoracbilash berket.

Habiboadanmohamud lives in qoracbilash with her family.  Her main source of livelihood is keeping livestock. Her grandsons live with her in their extended family house.  She operates the berket that was constructed in the village. They used to store water in a excavate and laid plastic sheets for drinking and selling to the other members of the village. They could not drink water during the day from the sheets because it used to be hot like boiled water.

Halima is now happy because of the berket which is well protect from dirts, animals,children, and the heat of the sun. They can finally enjoy cold water to drink from the berket in a sunny day and can have shower with the cold water.

Halima buys water from the tankers who supply water from the shallow wells. One tank is sold to her Kshs 1500/1200. She then sells the water to the people of the village at Kshs 5 per 20ltr Jerrycan. People from the neighbouring village come to buy water from the berkad.  Halima has already planted some lemon trees near the berkad so that the spilt water during will be used to water the lemon trees.