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Who We Are

Action for Social and Economic Progress (ASEP) is a National NGO whose mission is to facilitate livelihood improvement amongst pastoralists, farmers and the urban poor in the South-western regions of Somalia.

ASEP was established in 1995 to partially fill the vacuum in service delivery that resulted from the collapse of the Somali state.  Since that time, ASEP has continuously been responding to the emergency, rehabilitation, recovery, and development needs of diverse communities in the region. ASEP currently operates in the districts of Belet-Xaawo, Dolow, Luuq, Elwak and Garbaharey of the Gedo region, Somalia. It also has an operational reach to other parts of Gedo as well as Bay, Bakool and Jubba regions.


To be a leading relief and development organization partnering with a prosperous Gedo community that is peaceful, self-reliant and responsibly harnessing its natural resources for own development.



We facilitate livelihood improvement amongst Pastoralists and Urban Poor living in and around Gedo by supporting programs in our main strategic programs.



“Improving Livelihoods, Empowering Communities”



ASEP desires to continue fostering the following organization culture:

    Transparency and Accountability
    Effectiveness and Efficiency in service delivery
    Participation and Constructive engagement
    Relevant and Quality programming



The key values that ASEP shall endeavour to nurture include amongst others:

    Honesty and Integrity in all our actions
    Professionalism in our approaches
    Trustworthiness in our dealings
    Justice and Equity for all
    Solidarity with the communities we serve